New Album: Myriam Alter - Crossways

Myriam Alter - Crossways (Arranged by Michelino 'Michel' Bisceglia)

In 2015 Michelino Bisceglia was asked to create arrangements for 11 new songs composed by Myriam Alter. These songs were released on her third studio album: Crossways.  Myriam Alter is known for her unique, sometimes joyful, sometimes melancholic but always Mediterranean tinged music.

The ensemble was selected by the sound requirements it should provide, placing the accordion into a central spot which is greatly filled by Italian Luciano Biondini, the leading virtuoso of his instrument today. US Clarinettist John Ruocco (who lives in the Netherlands) fulfills an important soloist’s role as he did on the previous albums and Belgian bassist Nic Thys impresses with his strong acoustic bass foundation. The liquid tuba of Belgian Michel Massot will be a discovery for many as will be the creative percussion by young Dutch Lander Gyselinck who is making a name for himself right now in both the jazz and the avant-garde rock scene. Michel Bisceglia who provides subtle, crisp piano solos.